Community Media of the Foothills


Regular Meeting

of the Board of Directors

Monrovia City Hall

415 S. Ivy Ave, Monrovia, CA 91016

Monday, June 15th, 2015 7:00pm


CONVENE:               Rena Delgado (Secretary)


Roll Call:             Board members:, Ward Calaway, Tom Reale,

Ameer Alahee, David Ibrahim


Excused: Scott Austin (Treasurer)


  1. Liaison Reports:
  2. City of Monrovia


  1. Public Input:

At this time, members of the public who wish to discuss items that are not on the agenda may do so now. Please keep your comments to a maximum of five minutes.

For each action item on the agenda please keep comments to a maximum of 3 minutes.


  1. CMF Consent Calendar:
  2. Adopt the Minutes of the May 2015 Regular Board Meeting.

Recommendation: Adoption of the Minutes.


  1. Receive and file; Budget and Fiscal Status

Recommendation: Receive and File.

  1. Staff Reports:


  1. Executive Director Operational Status Report

           Recommendation: Hear Report

  1. Meet potential board candidates

                                         Hear Report  

  1. Equipment Approval of new E.D. computer and security $2500

                                           Recommendation: Hear Report and take action to approve

  1. 3 year Renewal of City of Monrovia Agreement

                                          Recommendation: Hear Report and take action to approve

  1. Rental Consignment partnership for additional equipment

                                           Recommendation: Hear Report & take action to approve


  1. Board Member Reports:


  1. Adjourn Regular Meeting


The next Regular Meeting of the Board of Directors will be second Monday, July, 2015.

At City Hall Chambers

Public Input


At every regularly scheduled meeting of the Board of Directors of Community Media of the Foothills, members of the public may address the Board during Public Input scheduled near the beginning of each meeting for 5 minutes.


Since all Board meetings are taped, individuals addressing the Board must do so from the podium rather than from where they are seated because the camera and the microphones are set up to capture picture and sound at the podium. Each individual may take up to five minutes to address the Board.


During Public Input, individuals may address any issue on the meeting agenda, or any issue that has to do with Community Media of the Foothills, including operations, programming, use of the studio or equipment, or any other issue.


The Board understands that individuals may not approve of all actions taken by the Board, by the Executive Director or by employees of Community Media of the Foothills and may bring those matters to the attention of the Board during Public Input. The Board will treat all individuals appearing before it respectfully and requests that members of the public be respectful while making their remarks. It is not possible for all persons to agree on all things at all times, but we should all strive to express criticism, disagreement, and disapproval passionately but without resort to threat of force.


The Board will not respond to anything said during Public Input other than to thank the speaker for taking the time to address the Board in person. It is not uncommon for individuals to ask questions or demand action during Public Input, but it is inappropriate for the Board to address things said during Public Input without having first researched the issues, referred to data, refreshed their memories of earlier Board actions, conducted any necessary investigations, and engaged in any other conduct necessary to properly address the issues raised. Nor will the Executive Director respond to questions or comments for the same reasons.


Furthermore, many times during Public Input individuals ask questions or demand action on matters that have already been fully addressed and acted upon by the Board of which the individual disapproves. While the individual may express his or her dissatisfaction with the Board's action (or inaction if that is the individual's point of view), the Board will not answer questions or respond to demands for action raised during Public Input.


Members of the public should make comments about non-action items (such as reports) during the Public Input portion of the meeting, since public comment time will only be provided during action items. Public comment during action items should be limited to 3 minutes.